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This March, Startup Weekend Education recognizes Jeremy Young as the “Educator of the Month!” Jeremy is one of Startup Weekend Education’s most active members, having already participated in four different events in just this past year alone! Jeremy Profile He’s pitched a variety of ideas, collaborated with people from around the country, and has continued to grow as an educator and entrepreneur. Jeremy knows that a lot can get done in 54-hours, and him and his teammates have continued to create great innovations at Startup Weekend Education.

San Francisco, March 2013

Science Superhero is a website for parents to find fun and safe science labs to do with their children.

“Next Gen Schools” Edition, San Francisco, June 2013

UberSpace is where I want to send my (hypothetical) kid to high school! The school emphasizes how you work (effectively and joyfully) not what you work on.

San Francisco, November 2013

GroupUp is a mobile app that allows educators to create seating charts and student groupings on the fly; the first in a set of apps replacing the teacher clipboard. GroupUp won the Clever prize for allowing teachers to import their rosters seamlessly!

Oakland, February 2014

DesignED is a professional development series and online curriculum promoting creative confidence in K-12. DesignEd won 3rd Place!

So what does Jeremy do in his day job?

“This is my fifth year teaching high school! I have taught the gamut of sciences from Biology to Chemistry to Physics to AP Computer Science with a few life lessons sprinkled in here and there. I am drawn to entrepreneurship because at its core, it’s about solving problems. As an educator, I often find myself asking questions like: ‘Why have I spent 20 hours this week creating curriculum, when a rockstar teacher down the street must have phenomenal lessons on stoichiometry?’ or ‘How do I choose what is important to teach?’ I am taking next year off to reflect on these questions through an entrepreneurial lens!”

Why does Jeremy keep coming back to Startup Weekend Education?

“I came to Startup Weekend Education to start a company. I stayed for the community. I have met people whom I am proud to call my friends and whom I would be honored to call my co-founders. Startup Weekend Education has loads positive energy. It is inspirational to be part of a group of bright individuals dedicated to solving a problem.”

UberSpace Team Pic

How has Startup Weekend Education changed Jeremy?

“The first Startup Weekend Education Friday night was a blur. I entered a foreign world of technology and entrepreneurship. New vocabulary included wireframes, bootcamps, and MVPs. By the fourth Startup Weekend Education, I was happy to find several familiar faces. The language felt familiar. I even found myself hacking together a website on Sunday, something I was mesmerized by a year before.”

What People Are Saying About Jeremy?

“I love Jeremy’s infectious sense of humor that permeates any Startup Weekend event in which he participates.” – Brian Greenberg, CEO of Silicon Schools Fund

“Jeremy is a caring educator with a constant focus on incorporating innovative pedagogy and technology into his classrooms in Physics and AP Computer Science. He frequently participates in Startup Weekend Education and other events to work with people in the technology and education community to develop ideas to improve the educational experience for teachers and students alike. We also often have long lunch and dinner conversations about the topic and you can just sense that he is totally into it. I’m honor to have a friend like Jeremy and I’m super excited to continue to watch him pursue his life’s work – education innovation.” – Li Jiang, Investor at GSV

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Every month, Startup Weekend Education features an Educator and/or Innovator of the Month! Have someone you’d like to nominate? Email swedu@up.co with his/her information.


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