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The following is a guest post by Carly Brantz from SendGrid.

sendgrid, startup weekend, email, email apiStartup founders are always looking for ways to make their budding businesses run more smoothly, and for those who rely on email, this likely means outsourcing transactional email to an SMTP service provider. At SendGrid, we have a whole host of APIs to solve your key challenges around delivery, integration, analytics, scalability, and support, and it’s now easier than ever to get started.

The SendGrid API Guide shows you how to maximize the SendGrid platform using any of our APIs that empower you to better manage your email program while ensuring your messages get delivered to your customers. Part of the beauty of the SendGrid platform is the easy integration into almost any system.

To help share the love, we created the SendGrid API Guide to show you how to do more with your email using the APIs. Oftentimes all it takes is just a few lines of code, and with this guide, you’ll figure out the best way to send and receive mail, set up real-time notifications, receive information, send newsletters, set up subusers and resell SendGrid. You’ll not only get comprehensive overviews of each API, but also sample use cases, examples, tips and great ideas on how to customize the platform to meet your business needs.

With SendGrid APIs, the possibilities are endless, download the SendGrid API Guide and get started today.

Mitchell Cuevas
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