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This weekend, New York City lived up to its reputation as the place where a melting pot of people and cultures come together. Attendees for Startup Weekend NYC Social Impact came from near and far; they came from the local boroughs, all over the US, and countries across the world. Forty-eight people pitched their social impact ideas in front of a standing room only crowd.

Thanks to Kristen Tonga, a Startup Weekend volunteer, the diversity of the crowd at WeWork Soho Lounge was captured through sketch and for those who couldn’t just us, this is a recap of the people who showed up for Startup Weekend NYC Social Impact!   



A fun fact is that New York City has never hosted a Startup Weekend Women’s Edition event. On the same day that the headline “New York gender gap in tech jobs is the widest in the nation” graced the cover of AM New York, female attendance outnumbered men for the first time in history at a Startup Weekend NYC event. Additionally, our female technical mentors outnumbered the males and there was an even split of men- and women-led teams.




Bankers, artists, students, teachers, programmers, service professionals, and the unemployed all came together around common goals. Whether an attendee came to the event while still in university or with decades of working experience, degrees and job titles were not important when it came to recruiting people to a team. Instead, it was all about the willingness to contribute, learn, and work together to launch ideas focused on making the world a better place. 




Finally, a snapshot of the people at Startup Weekend NYC wouldn’t be complete without describing the volunteers. It’s not just the attendees who work together with strangers to bring ideas to life. It takes months of preparation by teams of people who volunteer their time, network, and resources for their local startup community to make these events happen. 




Whether working on a startup project or planning an event that launches startups, it’s clear that Startup Weekend is a passion project for everyone involved.

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Many thanks to our local NYC sponsors – TriNet, LaunchLM, PurposeFuel, and AguaEnergiva – for making the event possible. 


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