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An indispensable tool for any chef or hungry student. Just enter the products that are available in your pantry and the site itself will pick up a recipes.
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11/15/2011 Moldova, Chisinau
EyeTravel’s vision is to help the blind and partially blind use public transportation systems. Through their GPS powered app, this target group can recognize which public transportation is coming their way.
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11/15/2011 Aarhus
Painless is an online marketplace that brings patients & doctors together and simplifies the process of booking appointments. Learn more 11/15/2011 Guragon
myWaiter eliminates unnessesary waiting for menus at cafes and restaurants by providing standard readily available menus via their app. Learn more 11/15/2011 Aarhus
Lunch Rabbit helps people meet people around them. Take advantage of your lunchtime and meet new people with similar interests. Learn more 11/13/2011 Mexico D.F.
A platform that will connect people who want to practice a new language, based on their interests and hobbies, by interacting with each other over video, in an efficient, fun and casual way. Learn more 101/14/2011 Bucharest