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Death Math is a fighting game that allows you to strengthen you’re math skills by practicing against another opponent. An iPad app for arithmetic is in development, but will cover other Math subjects as well as History, Science, Language Arts, etc.Learn more 10/1/2011Seattle EDU
GutChecker is mobile application that allows health conscious people to make an informed nutritional decision at a restaurant. Learn more 10/2/2011Iowa City
A personal assistant combining today’s communication platforms into one service that will allow you to organize your messages by date and time and your different contacts into one joint service. Learn more 10/13/2011SW Riyadh
Service that allows users to highlight web pages, make comments and share their thoughts with their friends and followers. Learn more 10/23/2011Recife
Improve the communication between offices and local suppliers.
Offices can reduce time in shopping tours, get several quotations and reduce costs, while suppliers can increase their sales knowing their customers preferences. Learn more
CodeNow is a non-profit focused on developing the next pioneers in Technology by teaching underserved youth foundational skills in computer programming.Learn more 10/23/2011DC EDU