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Charitime is a non-profit, that let’s you donate your time to charity – instead of plain old money. It’s volunteering, made as accessible as Facebook!
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11/28/2011 Manama, Bahrain
DawgBnB connects dog owners with host homes who care for their pets with double the love and at a fraction of the price of kennels. Dog owners get convenient, affordable, responsible options for caring for their dogs while they are away, and dawgs get a cage-free getaway and new bonafied friends.
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11/28/2011 Kansas City
Cribsheet helps you keep track of your baby’s day, and share that information with the other people caring for them.  Rather than discussing the events of the day when handing off your bundle of joy, now you can just check the Cribsheet. Learn more 11/05/2011 Charlotte
Smart Career Choice is a web based solution that will help students choose a right path in deciding their career. We provide a complete career education in the field a student is best suited for, interested in and give him a complete insight into that field. Learn more 11/12/2011 Gurgaon
Vidfol.io enables the creation of stunning online video portfolios within a matter of minutes, helping talents individuals curate their best works for the world to see. Vidfol.io also serves as a talent marketplace, connecting Vidfol.io users and local businesses. Learn more 11/12/2011 Seattle
Interactive Children E-book for Ipad. Learn more 101/20/2011 Houston