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Auti is an interactive toy developed especially for autistic children. It is designed to develop positive play behaviours, making it easier for them to interact with other children, as well as teaching them broader social skills. Learn more 11/8/2011


Building the 3D printing industry by selling a low cost 3D printer technology. Learn more 11/5/2011


Groundfacts is building a service to make it extremely easy to find out what is happening and how to help in emergencies and other major events. Learn more 11/8/2011


WifiCrowd provides free responsible wifi in public spaces and helps communities promote local businesses. Learn more 11/5/2011


Brocol-E-Games develops mobile learning games for children, 4+ years old. Their first game, Springbird, helps kids love math and broccoli. Learn more 10/23/2011


We are a crowd sourcing platform where customers can get their parties funded by friends, family and attendees to the parties.Learn more 10/23/2011