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We want to deliver a community-driven competitive environment for constructive debates. The platform will allow participants to collect acclaim to build their personal brand and become leaders of opinion in their most interesting topics. Learn more 12/01/2011 Poznań
EduKoala is an application which helps you learn. It replace the default lockscreen on your Android smartphone and quizzes you on a variety of subjects like vocabulary. Learn more 12/01/2011 Warsaw
HyperJobz is a new start up micro job (service) marketplace for students.The marketplace will serve a diverse range of students, business and the community in a local geographical area. Learn more 11/30/2011 Syracuse
Instantly.In allows you to create twitter based contests and voting marketing campaigns instantly. Learn more 11/28/2011 Kansas City
Email client for kids that lets them learn from their mistakes by writing and sending real emails. Learn more 11/26/2011 London EDU
Onlist delivers a message by your preferred medium, ensuring more messages get through to their intended recipients. Learn more 11/08/2011 Melbourne