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Startup About SW Event Origin
Build unique integrations between your favorite applications, one mouse click at a time. Easily import and export data automagically or fill out the same information between different applications without ever hav to write a single line of code! Learn more 10/2011 Columbia
Allows you to easily capture images of your possessions and document to whom you want them to eventually go to.  Easily add memories and details via video, audio or text. It’s all secure, backed up and always in sync. Learn more 1/13/2012West Michigan
CityTrend allows individuals to see what’s going on or “trending” in their city as its happening.  Using social data from Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare we can determine what the most popular venues in a city are in real time. Learn more 1/13/2012West Michigan
Bar owners & managers: Now there’s a technology app that can coordinate your door hosts, counting patrons! No more using the manual silver clicker. Now you’ll have access to real-time reporting that you can use for forecasting, planning, sales cross-referencing and purchasing. Learn more 1/13/2011Northern Kentucky