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We sat down to talk with Kirsten Knipp, VP of Product Marketing and Brand at BigCommerce, about the challenges that face entrepreneurs, how mentors have impacted her journey, her recommended resources for entrepreneurs, and how to be a better leader. Check out the full interview below!

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Startup Women is UP Global’s latest initiative to reach more female entrepreneurs and support their endeavors across all of UP’s programs, which include Startup Weekend, NEXT and StartupDigest. A total of $150,000 has been allocated to the project to date for 2014 efforts. The initiative takes on a broad approach that includes highlighting and telling the stories of well known and lesser known successful women entrepreneurs from across the world, special events, and localized Startup Weekend “Women’s Edition” events, which bring women and men together to work on startup ideas and collaborate. By the end of 2014, UP hopes to have supported the creation of over 1,500 female-led startups and hosted over 15 Women’s Edition events as part of the initiative.

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