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We were extremely excited when we were informed that Startup Weekend was nominated as a Finalist for the Seattle 2.0 Awards. This event was hailed as probably the best tech event in Seattle last year, so we are really honored to be involved this year. Voting opens today (Monday the 12th at 10am), so, if you like what we are up to, please cast a vote for us!

What is it? (right from their site):

Celebrate Startups!

Technology startups have been the birthplace of some of the biggest changes in our way of life this century, from how we buy houses to how we manage our family photos, from how we entertain ourselves on the web to how we run our businesses.

Seattle 2.0 Awards recognizes the best of the best from the tech startup scene in Seattle as judged by the people who knows best, their peers, on an unique and remarkable event.

Be sure not to miss this event if you are in town!


  • Wow. Great going. I am not sure if this event has happened yet, but all the best.