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As Global Startup Battle aims to create over 1,200 new startups in just two weekends, sponsors and partners are stepping up to support the influx of new companies and offer additional resources.

During November 12-19, 2012, in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week and GSB, Startup Weekend sponsor .CO is partnering with Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider, to auction off premium, reserved domain names.  Sedo and .CO want new startups to have the first pick of these domain names – and they are being offered at special low reserve prices.

The domain names selected for the auction are all short, unique and memorable, with high branding potential for those seeking to launch or grow their business, brand, product or service online.

The domain names in the startup auction will have reserve prices starting as low as $500 USD.

“The .CO domain was built from the ground up to support entrepreneurs,” said Lori Anne Wardi, the company’s Vice President, “so it’s really exciting for us to help Sedo to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by making some of the hottest .CO domain names available to cool global startups who will use them to build the businesses and brands that help shape the future.”

“The global startup community has really embraced .CO domains since they were introduced in 2010, with companies like Twitter, Angel List, Google and 500    Startups helping to drive adoption and consumer awareness,” said Liesbeth Mack-de Boer, Sedo’s Chief Sales Officer. “With such heavyweights paving the way, .CO has become the premier choice for startups who may not be able to register legacy extensions which are often more cost-prohibitive or already registered. For entrepreneurs and start-ups, this premium .CO auction provides a great opportunity to purchase a domain that will help grow their business.”

Join the growing list of innovators who are building the future on .CO.

To view the complete list of available names and to start placing bids after the auction opens on November 12, please visit http://www.Sedo.co.

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