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“Where can I go for $200 this weekend?” Flocations PTE LTD, a popular online travel discovery tool, helping travelers answer that question, closed a pre-series round of funding, raising SGD 700,000 led by TNF Ventures. The investment is supported with additional capital from SingTel Innov8 and Singapore-based business angel Ben T Ball.

Flocations.com finds getaways and short-haul breaks for travelers in Southeast Asia, in a fun and interactive way. Flocations.com presents users with an interactive map comparing travel options based on price rather than the traditional date and destination. The funding allows Flocations.com to offer a new set of innovative features, integrating both hotel and flights into their search by price methodology. 

Tudor Coman, Co-founder at Flocations.com, said: “This is an extremely exciting step for Flocations as this funding allows us to launch our new feature set that combine both hotels and flights into one price, in addition to the continuation and finance of operations across Asia Pacific. This means users can search for a whole vacation just by putting in their price and also lets them discover places they never even thought of within seconds!”

Shirley Wong, Managing Partner at TNF Ventures, said: “Flocations’ targeted market of short haul travellers and their search-by-price methodology is what’s powerful.  It changes the paradigm of traditional travel search and tries to disrupt the travel market by targeting a niche market.” 

Flocations graduated among the first batch of 11 start-up companies from the JFDI-Innov8 2012 Bootcamp earlier this year. It was one of two companies to be earmarked for investment by SingTel Innov8 immediately following the bootcamp demo day.

“We are excited about the innovation Flocations will bring to the travel space,” said Edgar Hardless, CEO, SingTel Innov8.  “Everyone loves a bargain and Flocations changes the way travellers discover vacation spots, enabling them to learn about places they never considered within a budget.”

The team originally met at Singapore’s second Startup Weekend last Fall.  Co-Founder Florian Cornu says, “I had prepared 3 ideas to pitch at the Startup Weekend Singapore. On Friday evening, at the time of pitching, I decided to go for this flight map visualisation due to its potential for a ‘wow effect’ in a weekend. I got lucky as several people believed in it. That’s how great developers started coding it, getting airlines data, getting airports locations and mapping all of this in just 54h! We even started getting press coverage during the weekend itself as the biz guy of the team was able to connect us to the travel industry: he made the Web In Travel organiser come visit us on a Sunday, with less than 24h notice! Now we are a team of 4 cofounders, who just met at a Startup Weekend 18 months ago and raised $700,000 together!”

The Flocations team previously turned down a large investment offer from a U.S. entity because they were opposed to handing over a portion of their company.  Their gut feeling wasn’t wrong, and patience paid off for the team.  Read more about their story here. 



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