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Planely (Copenhagen SW 2010 alumni) are official sponsors for SXSW 2011!!!
If you’re heading for SXSW in a few days, use your travel time effectively and begin the party early!

Register your trip to and from Austin on Planely and they will put you in touch with other SXSW attendees who just happen to be on the same flights.

So far over 500 people have done the same and people are reaching out to each other all over the place. Planely’s aim is to get over 1000 so let’s them out shall we?

Why might you want to? Well, you could:

  • Sit together on the plane and talk SXSW
  • Share a cab, save cash, be green and talk SXSW
  • Meet for coffee/beer/food and talk SXSW
  • Organize an impromtu meetup and. er, talk SXSW

The possibilities are endless and it just might be the best connection you make 🙂