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The following is a guest post by the Drimmit team, who formed at Startup Weekend Google Taipei and took second place. 

From the Whiteboard to the Dreamboard

“Wow…” I muttered to myself, “I never thought we would actually be on TechCrunch…”

“Never thought we’d be asked to guest post on the Startup Weekend Global Blog,” quickly replied one of my co-founders.

Being featured on TechCrunch, having the article be translated into 7+ languages (and counting), writing this post for Startup Weekend Global…I don’t think any of us would have imagined it five months ago, having lunch together in a small restaurant. It was where Olga Shipilo first told us she had a problem.

Olga wanted a single “place” she could list out all her goals and dreams, and visualize them with friends. Allen Houng and I quickly fell in love with the idea. Allen loved that people with similar dreams could connect; I loved that I could find out what types of goals and dreams my friends have. How do we make money? By recommending products and services that would actually help the user in his/her quest to achieve the dream. “Brilliant!” we thought.

We decided to give it a shot at Startup Weekend at Google Taipei. Honing our business model and pitch details through an organized chaos of distributing team assignments, running around to catch mentors, and debating within the team, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if everything fell apart halfway. But we managed to bind everything together with a silk thread through the final pitch of the weekend to snag second place.

Link to pitch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_GY9J1IyIQ

One of the most vital aspects of Startup Weekend was not being afraid to approach different mentors and fellow entrepreneurs for quick validation and direct feedback. A good point is to be honest. Too many times we were too hell-bent on winning the competition that we started telling customers what they wanted to hear rather than pitching an actual viable business. Because in the end, that’s the idea your team is left with, and that’s the idea you’re going to spend the next few months toiling over.

Going into our fifth month now, Drimmit has been a nonstop rush of feature design, feature redesign, bug testing, bug retesting, surveys, emails, discussions, and meetings. After having members join and leave, we’re now a 5-person strong team hailing from Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, and the United States. After getting Crunched, the pressure is on to work harder and smarter to fulfill everyone’s needs. Drimmit is currently bootstrapped and seeking external funding. As we are in an open beta stage, we welcome everyone to visit us and be inspired at www.drimmit.com!

For any questions, please email us at support@drimmit.com
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