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Zaarly, the winning team of Startup Weekend LA just raised a Million Dollars after 3 weeks of intense work. Check out the TechCrunch article here. The Investors include (Ashton Kutcher, Felicis Ventures, Paul Buchheit, Bill Lee, Naval Ravikant and Lightbank (the venture fund created by Groupon’s founders).)

But there is more to that than just money.

Co-founders, Bo Fishback and Eric Koester, Zaarly co-founders just created the perfect team and went from 0 to warp speed.

There are a few amazing aspects to this for Startup Weekend:

1. Zaarly used LaunchRock, another Startup Weekend success to launch their static webpage that is present now.

2. Both Bo and Eric are Startup Weekend Board members. They’ve been threatening each-other for months now that they will attend a Startup Weekend together and launch “something.” Well… here it is.

3. We’re researching it now, but this could honestly be the fastest idea to funding power play ever…. If you know of anything faster, let us know!

This is an amazing team, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Eric & Bo are some of the smartest people in startups we’ve ever met, so seeing them come together with Zaarly is amazing.

This is really a tribute to the Startup Weekend community and efforts around the world. Besides if the SW community wasn’t passionate and powerful enough to get where we are, we wouldn’t have been able to get Bo, Eric, Ian Hunter, Ashton and team all into one room!

See you all at SxSW!

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