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The following is a guest post by Jesse Adametz, member of the Fuelzee team, who took first place during GSB at Startup Weekend Orlando.  Their complete GSB video pitch can be viewed here. 

“Of the 54 hours I counted I was there with my team working on this for 37 of them! And to be clear from the start, those 37 hours were a blast.

The team dynamic from the start was great. We had the right amount of diversity and cohesiveness that any strong group would need to succeed. Night 1 was simple; lay out the idea on paper, get a very clear understanding of the idea and what needed to be done to define it. Also, have fun. There is no doubt about it, we were there to work and to do a kick-ass job. But we were only going to do that by having fun, and we did.

Everyone, and I really do mean everyone did a really great job with their pitches. The entire weekend came down to these presentations and by no means was it ‘easy.’ Throughout the weekend as I walked around the Voxeo office and observed the other teams, everyone was solvingreal problems. Coming up with real ideas. And creating real products to bring to market.”  – A full version of Jesse Adametz’ Startup Weekend experience can be read on Jesse’s blog here. 

About Fuelzee

 Fuelzee is like Foursquare for Gas Stations but with real-time rewards. “We Make Buying Gas Fun.” The idea came to conception because no body likes buying gas, but it’s something we all have to do. We figured there had to be something we could do to help both the customer and the Gas Station’s improve this process. So we set out to solve two problems. First, if people are going to buy gas they should be informed of which station around them has the cheapest prices. Second, the majority of people go to a Gas Station but never go inside the convenience store. This poses a challenge for that company to realize their true profit potential. We believe that we can solve both of these issues in one convenient and engaging iOS application. We’ve been determined to continue on with our idea since Startup Weekend and have been even more encouraged to do so after placing 12th in the Global Startup Battle. With the initial team finalized, we’re building our social media presence and creating user engagement as much as possible. Our hope is to have version 1.0 of Fuelzee in the iOS App Store by February of 2013.


About the team

 The Startup Weekend team consisted of 8 people; 3 Business Analysts, 2 Programmers, a Marketer, Designer, and Data Analyst.

Everyone played a critical role in the team winning that weekend. Our team allowed us the expertise needed to gather the customer validation, business model, revenue model, industry statistics, and technical requirements that we needed in order to pitch to the judges! Since Startup Weekend concluded, Fuelzee’s roster has experienced some changes but 3 of the original 8 are still at Fuelzee’s core:

    • Dan McGaw – Founder & CEO: Dan comes from a long history of being an entrepreneur starting at the age of 14. He has started and managed 4 different companies since then, and has had a chance to learn what failure is like, and what makes it happen. Currently, Dan leads the Business and Marketing efforts for Code School, a continuing education platform for current software developers to keep up on the latest technology. In this role Dan exercises 6+ years of Social Media, 13+ years of Digital Marketing, and 14+ years of Leadership experience.
    • Jesse Adametz – Co-Founder & CIO: Jesse has a long standing interest in all things Data stemming from his curiosity of how and why things work in conjunction with their environment. Over the last 5 years Jesse has honed his skills in Data Analysis, Database Development, Automation, and Operations. Currently, Jesse is a Software Development Programmer for Experian. Previously working for companies such as Aon Hewitt, Lockheed Martin, and the University of Central Florida.
    • Racine Davis – Graphic Designer: Racine is a freelance graphic designer graduated from the University of Central Florida. She was a huge part of our successes in both Startup Weekend Orlando and the Global Startup Battle. Racine’s design work allowed Fuelzee’s portrayal to come to life in front of the judges.
    • William Colbert – iOS / Back-end Developer: William has recently joined the Fuelzee team in an effort to build our iOS application and its associated back-end infrastructure.


Learn more about Fuelzee by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages.

 We are currently gathering email addresses of people who are interested in Fuelzee. These can be submitted at our website: http://fuelzee.com.



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