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This week, Kickstarter voted overwhelming support for My First Startup, a comic book that lets children learn entrepreneurship on their own terms, in a fun and non-patronizing way. The comic book met its Kickstarter funding goal with a full week to spare.

This vote of confidence from the crowdfunding community shows that teaching kids Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.42.46 PMentrepreneurship is important and exciting. My First Startup helps parents teach kids an alternative to the 9-5 career. Ultimately, it’s helping parents raise kids who feel empowered and comfortable in the world where running your own business is as welcomed and rewarding as having a traditional job.

And it’s now clear that parents see the value of teaching their kids entrepreneurship in this novel way, helping kids develop problem solving skills, creative thinking, time-management, work-life balance, mathematical and analytical skills, and so much more.

Encouraged by the support, My First Startup’s creators are adding to the comic book in a way that helps kids bring their dreams into reality even more. They have plenty of creative ideas, starting with Stretch Goal #1: If the new (stretch) funding goal is is reached, the creators will add more pages to the comic book. Rather than continuing the story, the extra pages the extra pages will provide practical guides for kids on key issues in starting a first business, like “what type of business to start,” “what additional costs to expect.” and more. And the creators have even more exciting ideas ahead (once the first stretch goal is funded).

Learn more about the Kickstarter project and pledge your support here.

Sara Sonnen Sara Sonnen
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