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As many of you may have seen, Startup Weekend has worked closely with groups like Women 2.0 and GirlsInTech to help promote female entrepreneurs attending our events, and guess what? IT WORKS!

Our typical events see about 85-90% dudes, and we see that drop closer to 70% when we work close to promote with some of these rockstar organizations.

We are excited to announce an expansion with our partnerships, and wanted to make sure everyone knew!

Girls in Tech is now a global partner.

Startup Weekend looks forward to growing with Girls in Tech as we both reach global communities and bring together entrepreneurs in more cities. Coming soon to a city near you!

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As many of you might also know, we have worked with the amazing ladies over at Women2.0 as well on quite a few events. Their organization is focused on startups as well, and we will continue to work with them very closely in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, London, Madrid,  and New York City as well!

Be sure to also check out the amazing things going on over at Women 2.0!


  • Great job to Startup Weekend looks working to grow with Girls in Tech!