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The Inc. ‘Hire Power’ award announced its  winners today, with UP Global ranking in  two  categories. The award features companies in the US that are driving the  economy forward with substantial job creation numbers. With 28 jobs added in just 3 years, UP has more than quadrupled our number of employees at HQ in response to the work of leaders around the world who are building stronger entrepreneurial communities.


With new team additions, the UP crew looks forward to reaching a new level of impact and working towards our goal of over 1,000 thriving ecosystems over the next three years. Our growth is truly in response to the amazing work done by leaders in every community – the individuals who make resources available for entrepreneurs and startups at the local level. Our own ‘hire power’ is minimal when compared to the projected job growth that will surface from new startups in every community by the efforts of grassroots leaders.




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