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 On Thursday, October 17th, UP Global will ring the NASDAQ closing bell in honor of our commitment to support entrepreneurs in over 1,000 cities around the world.

This commitment, with the help of key partners, will help support UP Global’s vision to establish programs and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs globally. The significant increase in entrepreneurship globally will result in stronger communities and leadership at the local level and a more connected and thriving global economy in a world that demands shared prosperity and innovations more than ever before.

UP will commemorate this announcement tomorrow at the NASDAQ Marketsite at 3:45 PM EST. Visit this site to watch the bell ringing, and look for photos here after the event. 


More from the press release:

UP Global will commit to operations in each city, offering a platform that connects existing leadership, resources, and entrepreneurs in communities while also delivering some of the best high-impact programs for entrepreneurs in the world, including:

— Startup Weekend: A 54-hour event that educates aspiring entrepreneurs by immersing them in the process of moving an idea to market.

— NEXT: A five-week course for early-stage startup founders to better understand their product or service, become ideal candidates for accelerators or incubators, and fully integrate proven entrepreneurial methodologies.

— Startup Digest: The world’s largest curated source of information, news, and resources for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. All content is tailored to reflect the local community, and subscribers receive a personalized digest each week.

— Corporate Connection: A platform that builds connections between startups and corporations based on shared goals and industries. The platform allows startups to develop corporate partnerships, mentoring relationships, client and vendor relationships, and licensing opportunities in new and meaningful ways.

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