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Today, we are proud to announce that Google for Entrepreneurs, our longstanding partner in creating a more entrepreneurial world, has partnered to double the UP impact and expand into over 1,000 cities globally by 2016. This partnership will bring assistance to hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The UP platform will continue to develop, offering connection for existing community leadership, resources, and a suite of high-impact experiential programs.

“With this ambitious growth phase and the impact of localized programs, UP can educate and inspire over half a million aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide in the next three years,” says UP Global CEO Marc Nager.

Google has played a key role in supporting the UP Global’s goals from the earliest days of the program. In 2010, Google partnered with UP to bring Startup Weekend, UP’s flagship program, to over 200 cities worldwide.  In 2012, Google launched Google for Entrepreneurs with Startup Weekend as a key partner in promoting entrepreneurship through actionable programs and boot camps. Earlier this year, Google for Entrepreneurs committed to support the NEXT program, a entrepreneurial curriculum from UP Global.

“Startups and entrepreneurs lead the way in creating innovative products that improve our lives and drive significant economic and social impact. A robust community of entrepreneurs — paired with resources, mentorship, and technology — can be a rising tide that lifts all boats,  said Mary Grove,  Director of Google for Entrepreneurs. “UP Global has a proven record of opening doors and expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs and we are excited to help them expand their reach significantly over the next months.”



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