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The following is a guest post by Wade Gugino

All of us want our children to have solid character. Even more than IQ, positive character traits are proven to be better predictors of academic success and life achievement . Yet there’s no comprehensive set of character values books available for early learners. We’d like to change that…with Goo Guys & Gals Graphic Readers.

We’re running two crowdfunding campaigns. One to finish and market our first book, Olympia On-Time (on Kickstarter), and one to fund a pilot program that studies cartoons in character learning (on Indiegogo).  The Kickstarter campaign is moving along well. Our Indiegogo campaign stalled out early.

I challenge the entrepreneurial world to beat our Kickstarter total by October 31st. That’s a $6000 chasm to make up. In a short time. Don’t let Kickstarter kick Indiegogo’s tail. Help us grow funds for our pilot research…think of the difference a great early learning character series could make on our children’s future. http://igg.me/at/GooTopia

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What’s the study about?

Cartoons, if they’re done right, are summaries of complex visual information with inherent social, situational and emotional prompts. Children develop intelligence in these areas from birth. And vision trumps all our other senses. Looking at the way a child’s brain develops, we think graphic stories can be an excellent teaching tool up through at least 2nd grade. And we’d like to study that formally. It hasn’t been done. We want to conduct a simple mixed methodology study in one elementary school and one special needs learning environment. This pilot study will increase grant interest in the area. The results could influence all kinds of learning in the future.

Help us do something great for character and for education. Every dollar we make on Indiegogo will go toward creating the pilot study and continuing the Goo Guys & Gals series.


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