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It’s hard to grasp how big GEW and Global Startup Battle were this year, so we set out to visualize it the best we could. We took all the coolest data we had and put together in this epic infographic. It’s size and impressive numbers are a testament to your hard work, dedication to entrepreneurship, and the importance of continuing the mission of enabling entrepreneurs everywhere, together.

A huge thank you to Offerpop for helping us run the video contest for all the winning teams and to our close friends at SimplyMeasured for all their help getting (and analyzing) the amazing social media data and information we were able to capture. You guys crushed it so hard on Twitter you even managed to impress the guys over there who are no strangers to tracking hashtags and impact of some of the biggest Twitter events there have ever been.

Without further ado, we present the GSB Infographic:

(click for larger version)

Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.