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Attention all health-related innovators! Data.gov is proud to announce their new online community: HealthData.gov. This free resource includes a large catalog of health-related data, links to health-related apps, and blogs and forums where health-related innovators can network, view current app development, and join discussions. HealthData.gov is a “one-stop resource for a community of entrepreneurs” who use health-related data.

Search Data from Multiple Agencies and Databases

Most important for entrepreneurs working in health and healthcare industries, HealthData.gov combines data from multiple Federal agencies. Along with its own online content, HealthData.gov provides useful links to non-Federal government resources such as the California Health Interview Study, County Health Rankings, Gateway to Data and Statistics, and the Well-Being Index. The catalog is a public resource designed to provide application developers with more complete information that is easy to search, simple to download, and constantly refreshed. A testimonial on the site sees value in “startups that will harness open data in new and creative ways to drive greater value for our healthcare investment.” Particularly useful to entrepreneurs is the ability to rate the usefulness of each resource.

Other Health-Related Resources

In addition to a catalog with a wide spectrum of health-related datasets, HealthData.gov allows users to view other health-related applications. Under the “Apps Expo” tab, viewers can see an online expo of current health apps. Under the “Forums” tab, users can join communities to post comments and respond to discussion threads. Under the “Blogs” tab, users can read about current milestones happening in the health community. HealthData.gov categorizes areas of interest in the side bar. This feature helps filter through the large amount of information available on the site. Based on other users’ insights, viewers are able to pick the most useful data through a rating system. Viewers are able to download datasets as CSV or RDF documents. The agency providing the dataset is included, making it easy for users to cite their sources. Datasets include statistical information, surveys, summaries, and demographics, among many other types of health-related data.

HealthData.gov’s useful features allow entrepreneurs to easily navigate a large catalog of datasets, engage in discussion with other health-related innovators, and view current health apps already on the market. We at Startup Weekend hope this resource will benefit entrepreneurs creating health-related products and applications. Check out HealthData.gov today to see what they offer.