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Do you love Startup Weekend? Then you’ll love The StartupBus. It’s like Startup Weekend, but on a bus! And when you get off the bus, you’ll find yourself at SXSW.

Here’s a note from Justin Isaf, Startup Bus Community Director and NY Conductor: “The Startup Bus is a national, mobile hackathon that takes some of the best hackers, designers, thinkers and do-ers from tech hubs around the country and challenges them to build a viable startup in three days while moving at 60mph. We challenge them to do more, faster, with fewer resources and more constraints than almost anyone thought possible. During our inaugural event last year, we put 27 people on a bus and drove it from San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX for SXSW. In a little less than three days, we conceived of, designed, built and launched six tech startups. Since that StartupBus, alumni have gone on to raise over $1 million in funding for their own startups, two have gone through Y-Combinator, and some have gone on to be employee #1 at some of silicon valley’s hottest startups.”

“While last year was 27 people and one bus, this year we are aiming for up to 150 people on six buses from all over the US. This year, it’s not just a competition within each bus, but also a competition between regional tech hubs. We want to reach out to tech centers you wouldn’t normally think of, but which have thriving startup scenes, connect them to the larger hubs and other smaller groups along their routes, and bring the US and international tech scenes closer together…with a little bit of healthy competition along the way, of course.”

“We’re looking for the best hackers and doers out there to join us. We’re rolling on March 8th(ish) from SF, NY and Cleveland, with Miami, LA and Chicago as other possible cities. Application is by invitation only, but connect to StartupBus.com to see if you know anyone who has spare invites. Ask on Twitter, FB, or anywhere startup folk hang out – or if you’ve ever won a Startup Weekend, email me at Justin@StartupBus.com and let me know the weekend and the city and I’ll send an invite for you and two people you would most want to be hacking with in a moving bus.”