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If you’ve ever wondered what a  “Co-Founder” really is, you’re not alone. We’ve challenged ourselves to answer this question and to explore a process to discover and develop what might become a co-founder or co-founding team. The result of that work is this paper, which we are proud to introduce to our community as the very first Startup Research paper. This document is free and can be shared and used by anyone (and their friends).

Our work was largely inspired by Noam Wasserman and his brilliant book, The Founder’s Dilemmas. If you find yourself asking the question, “Do you know a technical founder?” (or vice versa), search no more, this paper is actionable! It won’t provide any ‘magic’ answers, but it will allow you to develop a strategy to build the strongest team possible. Looking for a different format? Check out the slideshare summary of this paper (also embedded below).


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About this publication 
This paper on co-founders is a formal one (written by a non-academic) — it is based on The Founders Dilemma (by Pr. Wasserman) and some surveys we’ve conducted within Startup Weekend (thanks to those that participated!). 

About Startup Research
We are opening Startup Weekend to researchers, we call this initiative Startup Research. Interested?



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