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Attending a Startup Weekend sounds daunting, and for good reason. You will be thrust into an environment with individuals who you may or may not know, and for the next 54 hours it is chaos.

You will hear ideas that you think are so amazing you wonder how no one else has thought of them before. Laptops and smartphones will be out at all times for researching, coding, testing, marketing, communicating, and problem solving.

And coffee will flow in abundance (or soda if you prefer).

The end result? You have a startup. Your startup – all in one weekend.

That is an awesome feat, but if you think that is the extent of the perks and benefits from attending a Startup Weekend…. well, you would be wrong.

View the infographic below to learn more (click on the image will open up a larger version in a new window).

Why Attend Startup Weekend- (5)


There is no way to cover all the reasons to attend a Startup Weekend in one infographic – so sound off in the comments on why you have or want to attend a Startup Weekend!

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Christina Wasson