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Startup Weekend and SAP are joining forces to present two amazing events during SAP’s Innovation Weekend.  Each of these 30-hour long events will provide a forum for entrepreneurs to use their existing skill sets to tackle real business cases–all while using some of SAP’s most innovative and cutting-edged technologies.  The Berlin-based Innovation Weekend is October 10-11, 2010 while the Las Vegas Innovation Weekend is October 17-18, 2010.  (That’s right, seriously engaged participants can attend both events and double the fun!)

The format for these events is similar to the usual Startup Weekend template: introductory business case presentation, team creation, time devoted to team projects, demo presentations, voting and prizes.  Mixed in throughout the events are keynote speeches by SAP Executives (we’d go just to hear what they have to say), educational sessions, and plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty working with some of the newest, most innovative technologies SAP offers.

Innovation Weekend business cases focus on real businesses facing real challenges and opportunities.  Startup Weekend encourages technical and business process professionals to attend an event in order to connect with their peers, get involved in the broader community, and access the expertise of the SAP experts who will be on-site.  The energy is always great at these workshops–we hope to see you there!