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Come to Startup Weekend Sheffield with an unfair advantage.

That’s right, we’ve teamed up with LeanConf 2014 to bring you access to two amazing startup events in the very same week. Come to Startup Weekend just days after total immersion in Lean Startup mastery and put into practice all the amazing stuff you’ve learned.

So, what exactly do you get?

  • Two days of inspiration and learning from 19 (so far) amazing speakers at Europe’s premier Lean Startup conference
  • 54 hours of Startup Weekend excitement, energy, and atmosphere to implement everything you’ve learned, find co-founders and launch your startup to battle on a global arena
  • And food. Lots of food.

OK, how much is this ticket bundle gonna cost me?
Well, that’s the beautiful thing. You can get both tickets for less than the price of the standard LeanConf ticket. No, really. The total cost is just £150.

What’s the catch?
There are only 5 available. So GET. THEM. QUICK. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

£150 and this is what your Global Entrepreneurship Week calendar could look like…

calendarSo, now I know you’re convinced and you just want to know where to buy your ticket. You just sign up as normal on the Startup Weekend registration page and select the Startup Weekend + LeanConf ticket bundle. Once you’ve registered, we’ll forward your details onto the conference organisers and they’ll be in touch with your ticket!

Get me my bundle!

Samantha Deakin