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In an effort to share more of the amazing Startup Weekend stories that we hear from attendees, we are creating a blog series entitled, “Startup Weekend Chronicles.”  A chronicle entry can be as simple as its title – a basic account of events.  
Every attendee of a Startup Weekend has something to share, and we want to capture as much of the transformative Startup Weekend experience as possible.There are countless stories to be told, so we envision this series as one that will share a variety of experiences in a more efficient way. Entries are encouraged no matter how ‘small’ – think of this as a space to recount what you enjoyed, what you learned, what SW inspired you to do – anything you want to share.

Our first Startup Weekend Chronicle comes from Travis Street of London. Check out his story here.
We want to hear from you! If you have attended a Startup Weekend event and want to tell us about your experience – whether you are about to launch a new company or you simply had an awesome weekend – please email claire@startupweekend.org



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