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You might not admit it, but most of us will almost always think of conflict and war whenever the words “Israel” and “Palestine” are found in one sentence, let alone in a paragraph. But not anymore: thanks to the recent Startup Weekend Tel Aviv just last week, we just might see “Shalom” in between the two countries.

Startup Weekend Tel Aviv did their thing at Israel last week, and all because of one Tweet by Amir Harel to the Startup Weekend Crew that mentioned Israel doesn’t have its own Startup Weekend. Hopefully more sessions will come up soon.

Startup Weekend Tel Aviv began last July 14 and ended on 16, and in those three days, labels like “Israeli” or “Palestinians” were all thrown to the ground, and everyone saw each other for who they are according to Startup Weekend: aspiring entrepreneurs who want their own startup companies and are willing to get all the help they can from other entrepreneurs who share the same dream. Though getting government approval might have been one high hurdle to jump over, everyone got on the hired bus and stayed at the Peres Peace House for their first Startup Weekend gathering.

A few magic numbers to remember: 130 Israelis, 30 Palestinians, 16 teams, and a whopping 56 six ideas between them, and all in a matter of 54 short hours. Talk about accomplishing a huge victory in just a few days. And who says miracles can’t happen?

Startup Weekend Tel Aviv was a success because it found one common thread that runs through every participant that attended, whether Israelite or Palestinian: they all have dreams of making it big. If you, too want to make your mark in the entrepreneurial world, watch out for the coming Startup Weekends going around the world. In the meanwhile, check out some videos, photos and presentations done during this landmark event.