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The official word is nothing is final yet, but the chaps behind the first ever Startup Weekend Cambridge were still cool enough to give us a sneak peek at the schedule of activities. Startup Weekend Cambridge launches on Friday afternoon, December 10, and runs for 54 jam-packed hours until Sunday, December 12, when an awesome team bags the championship. The venue for the event is the Hauser Forum.

Here’s a rundown of the schedule, which is familiar territory for any Startup Weekend veteran:

As usual, the weekend gets started on the cusp of Friday night. There’s a bit of pizza-augmented socializing/networking punctuated by a keynote speaker who inspires the troops with inspirational words. The pitches then come pouring in, there’s voting and two hours shy of midnight the teams come together before socials at a nearby bar or coffee shop.

The whole of Saturday is breakfast followed by coding, coding, and more coding! Don’t worry, there’s lunch and dinner too.

Sunday ties the whole experience together with lots of teamwork and some frayed nerves leading to smart presentations. The afternoon is dedicated to a final flurry of activity as last minute touches are added and presentations speeches are polished. By 8:30ish the champion team is crowned and showered with prizes and congratulatory hugs.

As of this writing, the support structure behind SW Cambridge is still rather lean and sponsors remain in the singular—only Viadeo has partnered with the organizers so far. Said organizers are James Digby of Startup Incube8 and Damien Saunders of White T-Shirt Digital. Registration is ongoing and interested sponsors are also very welcome to get in touch via James@startupweekend.org or go here.

Via: SW Cambridge