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Press Roundup:  

5 Reasons Why Undergrad Entrepreneurship Courses Aren’t Producing Entrepreneurs: Let’s face it: courses in entrepreneurship at the undergraduate university level aren’t turning out entrepreneurs. Marc Zuckerberg never took “Entrepreneurship 101” during his Harvard days, and even the young entrepreneurs who aren’t billionaires (yet) aren’t taking these classes.

Steve Case on What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur: Success leaves clues and AOL co-founder, Steve Case, says there are common characteristics among the winners in the startup world.

Why Triangle Startup Weekend Was a Success: Fifty-four hours of real work, a few rides down the slide, a Spotify playlist, a ridiculous number of tweets, and five meals later, it was time to see what the teams had done…

Foodler Launches Free National White-Glove Food Delivery and Special Event Planning Service for Businesses: “As one of the organizers for Startup Weekend in Boston, we’ve been using Foodler to simplify our catering needs significantly. Using Foodler’s service advisor has helped us by taking the burden of selecting menus, ordering, pick-up and more for our weekend-long events, ” said Ethan Bagley, founder and CEO of USpin.


Community Stories:

The Spacefinity Story: How this Startup Weekend participant is paving the way for peer-to-peer self-storage.

Xiamen, named the San Diego of China, hit it out of the park at its first Startup Weekend!

How to Solve a Real Problem – Startup Weekend Style.

Richard Fearn: Agencies and startups mistrust each other.


The JOBS Act Revisited

The SEC has recently voted 4 to 1 in favor of implementing section 201(a) of the JOBS Act, which lifts the ban on general solicitation and permits startups, venture capitalists, and hedge funds to openly advertise that they’re raising money in private offerings.

both sides of the coin!
Infographic via fundable.com

Here is what our community has to say:

“The SEC lifting the decades old solicitation ban is going to do a world of good for both startups and investors alike. Resources like Angel List and others will empower both investors and startups to make powerful fundraising decisions and announcements publicly for the first time. A new era of competitive investing and fundraising is sure to follow in the coming years and I can’t wait to see the results.”

– Andrew Torba, founder of Kuhcoon

“In my opinion, which may or may not represent the view of the VC firm I work for, the ruling on Section 201 has the potential to significantly change the way in which entrepreneurs approach funding. I’m excited about the impact, though a holistic view urges a sense of caution as well. While it opens up new opportunities for those seeking funding and for the development of an ecosystem that supports this activity, it also brings up a lot of questions about the dynamics of the environment. There will undoubtedly be plenty of potholes and pitfalls along the road to developing our understanding of how entrepreneurs approach and take advantage of this change in policy. We’ve seen entrepreneurs, who might not have otherwise had a shot at success; bootstrap their businesses via crowd-funding platforms like KickStarter. While Kickstarter is a powerful tool, anyone who has run a successful crowd-funding campaign will attest to the fact that there is vastly more to achieving success than simply posting a shoddy video. Will we see growth in the number of founders and successful startups? Will we see startup-investment hubris among the general public? However things play out, I’m looking forward to seeing the impact of this decision and am optimistic that it will ultimately be a positive stimulant for the startup ecosystem.”

– Hakon Verespej of Madrona Venture Group



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