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Now is your chance to check out the first Startup Weekend ‘Maker’ Event in Seattle!

Anywhere near the Pacific Northwest? Get out to Seattle next weekend, it’s worth it. 3D printing, laser cutting, wood shopping, company building! if you’ve ever wanted to build a physical product, this is your chance. Join industrial design experts from Coca Cola in the state-of-the-art MakerHaus space in Fremont.

Because this weekend is a little different than the typical start-up weekend, there will be an optional pre-event on June 12th. Participants will be able to meet with coaches, check out the materials and tools available at Makerhaus, and get a feel for the possibilities of physical prototyping.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur, or product developer, a craftsman, a microprocessor enthusiast, a developer or designer who wants to try their hand at hardware, everyone will be enriched by the experience of turning an idea into a physical reality.

Registration is live! 



Local Organizer Discusses the SW Impact in Luxembourg

“…the diversity of backgrounds at Startup Weekend Luxembourg already lent itself to a larger spectrum of perspectives. By grouping together people from different heritages, ages and cultures they were already at an advantage to getting a more global view.

I had a great conversation with one attendee who told me ‘You don’t have to start a new company to let the principles of Startup Weekend change your life. In fact the concepts learned here can be applied to any aspect of our daily life. Because ultimately it is just about changing the way we do things to make our lives better.'”

…And another great recap from SW Chicago

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this awesome video from local SW Chicago sponsor, who put this together free of charge at the recent Chicago event:


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