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We Own It Summit – Contest Updates

We announced this week the winners of the contest we put together for the We Own It Summit, which took place June 27th and 28th. A big congratulations to our winners, Heather Cochrun and Nikka Umil! You can read all of the contest submissions here.

Thought Leadership

Have A Great Startup Idea? Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet – Forbes

NEXT Director Keith Armstrong walks you through some important questions to ask yourself before you take a serious entrepreneurial leap: What kind of entrepreneur are you?, How big is the opportunity?, Who else cares about what you are doing?, What are your riskiest assumptions? To learn more, read the full article here.

Tech Entrepreneurship In Gaza: Generating Hope, Galvanizing New Opportunity – Forbes

Andy Dwonch, who served as Mission Director for Mercy Corps in West Bank/Gaza and Israel from 2006 to 2010, helped to implement the Startup Weekend model into the communities he served. This piece tell the story of his experience, highlighting one young entrepreneur’s vision and entrepreneurial journey.

“Through the bright eyes of youth, taken one day at a time, the challenges to Ahmad’s hopes and dreams can be seen as “normal.”  When viewed as a whole, the uphill road they (and we) face is staggering.  The crisis for developing-world youth (and so, too, for our own children) is at once social, economic and political — existential.  In this technology-enabled world, the collective fate of our shrinking global community is irrevocably bound to Ahmad’s, and it’s our collective obligation that his hope doesn’t tip toward hopelessness.” Check out the full article here.


Community Stories

  • Check out how the mobile industry is bolstering the growing startup community in Jeddah in the recent blog post, Good News For Startup Weekend Jeddah.
  • Melissa Morris Ivone, Startup Weekend Organizer, was highlighted in this article on women in tech entrepreneurship. Ivone’s first Startup Weekend experience is highlighted in the article: “Despite her generally positive experience as a woman in tech, Ivone remembers feeling bewildered — and outnumbered — at her first Philly Startup Weekend. There were four women out of the 130 people at the mixer held on the first night of the event, she said.So when two guys told her she’d be popular at the event, Ivone snapped back, ‘Why? Because I’m a girl?’But it was actually because she was a designer. Designers are rare at Startup Weekends, she soon learned. Ivone, now an organizer of Philly Startup Weekend, remembers feeling mortified and like a victim of her own stereotypes. Those gender barriers were there because I put them there myself,’ she said.”

Startup Weekend at Coca-Cola

Last week, Startup Weekend Co Founders Marc Nager and Franck Nouyrigat stopped by Coca Cola for an internal Startup Weekend event. Check out this awesome recap video:

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