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When you sign up for a Startup Weekend event in your city, probably the one thing you’re thinking about most is, “I have this one heck of an idea and I want to see if I can make a startup company with it.” But the thing is, when you’re at Startup Weekend, you have to see further than that to come out of the event successful. No matter what your idea may be – whether it’s a green tech, a website, or an app – you will always deal with people. And when it comes to people, you should aim to make a sale.

With that objective in mind, you will have more appreciation for the mix of people you will get in your team. Not everyone is as well-versed as you when it comes to coding, or business savvy for that matter, but that diversity will never fail to fill in the gaps. Once you work together – marketers, programmers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs alike – you might just come out of Startup Weekend with a solid startup you can call your own.

Of course, you can’t make a sale when you just coop yourself in the building while all the potential customers are out there. So let’s get off our seats and get out, literally. Offer something to a passerby and see if he takes the bait (well, if he doesn’t, that means it’s back to the drawing board). If you don’t have anything to sell just yet, talk to strangers and get feedback and opinions that might help you tweak your presentation and product.

When it comes to startup companies, never make the mistake of forgetting why you’re doing this and for whom: to make a sale to all the people, everywhere. Keep that in your noggin for the whole of Startup Weekend, and you won’t fail to make a good impression.

via Startup Square