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Determination and Hustle

When challenged to describe Keepstream in one word, Tim Gasper, Co-Founder of Keepstream, was brief: “Determined”.  When asked to share the single best piece of startup advice he’d ever received, Gasper was equally to the point: “Hustle’.  While they are only two words, ‘determined’ and ‘hustle’ describe Keepstream’s attitude and history perfectly.

Keepstream, as users experience it today, is “a curation tool that helps you collect tweets, Facebook posts, and website bookmarked and organizer them into shareable, embeddable collection pages.” Gasper further explains, “This is useful for bloggers, marketers, or just about anyone who wants to cut through the noise and fleeting nature of social media.”

Gasper and the team believe there’s a true need for a product like Keepstream.  The problem they’re tackling—noisy chatter on social media sites—is a “more compelling problem.  Twitter and Facebook are noisy, it’s almost impossible for the important topics, events, and headlines to bubble up to the top,” Gasper explains.  “Keepstream is a tool to curate social media and links so that content can finally be organized.”

Listen to feedback and pivot when necessary

The team is proud of what they’ve created and they have ambitious plans for the future, including a round of angel investing and building out a 2.0 version.  But the journey to where they are now hasn’t been without some bumps.

As Gasper explains, “Our greatest challenge was deciding to pivot our original Startup Weekend product to become Keepstream, a very different type of product and business. Our original product was called CorkShare… [It was] a drag-and drop-corkboard [that] could appeal to a wide audience and fit a lot of case.  Unfortunately though, it lacked the focus necessary to gain a strong early adopter audience.”

So the team pivoted.  Rather than stubbornly hold on to what they had envisioned was a winning idea, the team took their user feedback to heart and built a new product.  The key to Keepstream’s current success is its broad appeal.  Keepstream is “useful for people trying to create collections of content and place them in blogs and websites… [It will] eventually help a mainstream audience follow the topics that interest them.”

Hit the ground running

Despite their early pivot, Keepstream is still focused on innovation and securing early wins.  Gasper says that Keepstream is “focusing on the curation you already do, such as retweeting and favoriting tweets…we’re leveraging that low hanging fruit.”

By listening to user feedback, pivoting quickly, and knowing where they want to go, the Keepstream team has a clear vision of what their users want and is prepared to made decisive choice and hustle to create an ideal product.