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Customer development, launch, and early stages

Anderson: “Hone in on passionate niches of early adopters.” Tweet2

Conley: “Start small to catch mistakes fast and save money.” Tweet2

Free: “The only way to test the market is to actually test the market.” Tweet2

Gansky: “Set aside time to fully understand your business before launch.” Tweet2

Gittins: “Look for three assumptions to validate.” Tweet2

Green: “For cause-based organizations, motivate people by creating relationships with them and leading
by example.” Tweet2

Hoffman: “To get a head start, launch an idea before it sounds like an obvious solution.” Tweet2

Massoumi: “Start by understanding your end user.” Tweet2

Ressi: “Put as little money into an early company as possible, until you’re sure it can survive on its own.” Tweet2

Stewart: “Look for data to make predictions, then listen to feedback from the customer.” Tweet2

Jay Walker, founder of Walker Digital and Priceline: “Don’t only talk to people who are your target
customers, but other people, too – they may have unique insights.” Tweet2




  • Jess Falkenthal

    These are great quotes! I’m going to have to tweet these knowledge nuggets to the event hashtag during the next SW event I’m at for our participants!