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Last years Startup Weekend saw some great teams created. We have reached out to a few of them to tell you their story via five quick questions. Here is the first of a few posts profiling the new startups.

1)    Hit us with your 10 second pitch

Bookmarco is a team collaboration and unique bookmarking extension tool for Google Chrome with advanced link sharing abilities.

2)    How did Startup Weekend help you get your idea launched

Startup weekend helped put a small team in place to being the design and development process.  The weekend also helped develop the idea from just a standard bookmarking tool into a much more powerful team collaboration tool.

3)    where are you a year down the line

Sadly we decided not to continue with the project after the startup
weekend due to other commitments from team members, however we have
worked together on other projects and have been great contacts for one

4)    what’s your advice to people thinking of going

I would advise anyone thinking of going to book a ticket before it sells out.  The weekend will give you a feel of what it really takes to start a technology business.  There are people of all abilities and skills available to collaborate and this weekend will bring valuable experience that people can take away and apply to many different areas of their life, whether it is a current job, university studies or even their own business moving forward.

5)    what was your best start up weekend memory

My favourite memory of the startup weekend is definitely the Friday night feeling.  Everyone is anxious, excited and enjoying the free beer & pizza.  The initial 60 second pitches can be very entertaining and this helps relax the mood and bring everyone together from the off.
Take a look at their website to find out more about them http://www.bookmar.co/
Adam Curtis