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Last years Startup Weekend saw some great teams created. We have reached out to a few of them to tell you their story via five quick questions. Here is the first of a few posts profiling the new startups.

1)    Hit us with your 10 second pitch

XD Studios is 3D Animation and Game Development Company based in Swansea South Wales. We are a team of passionate developers and artists driven by a desire to create engaging and unique digital content. Our passion  and the willingness to collaborate and work alongside as many different clients as we can has led us to work with many strong brands including Jaaks Pacific and Disney. We are currently developing our own IP’s in-house Street Fist 2 and Gone Huntin’  both due for release pre-Christmas on PC and mobile.

2)    How did Startup Weekend help you get your idea launched

We competed at 2013’s Start up weekend and the whole team can’t speak highly enough of it. It was the catalyst that took us from talking about our idea, to actually going for it and founding XD. Simply put without the weekend, the support we received at it and the support and community we’ve been privy to since, we would have struggled to get off the ground.

3)    where are you a year down the line

One year down the line we’ve established ourselves within the Welsh Games scene, and built up a considerable following and community. We’ve exhibited at international conferences( GDC in San Francisco) and have released  numerous small scale titles.  We’ve learned a tonne and are looking forward to the road ahead.

4)    what’s your advice to people thinking of going

Do it!  Especially if your just coming from uni etc. You will make mistakes and you might not succeed but its an amazing experience and you will learn more in 12 months of entrepreneurship then in 2, 3 4 years as a junior somewhere.

5)    what was your best start up weekend memory

The Banter!  seriously though , the weekend itself was great fun, even if you strip away its competition, it’s still a great thing to do in order to meet loads of passionate and like minded people!
Take a look at their website to find out more about them www.xd-studios.com
Adam Curtis