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startup weekend, soonzy, launchgramWe wrote about LaunchGram (@LaunchGram), on January 25th this year when the product was then called Soonzy. They had just been accepted into an accelerator in Columbus, Ohio, where they started at a Startup Weekend in October 2011. Not only did they start at a Startup Weekend, their CEO, Andy Sparks, is a Startup Weekend Organizer and Facilitator.

Since we last spoke to the LaunchGram team, they’ve obviously changed their name. Andy says it’s “because everybody thought Soonzy was Snoozy. People were even sending us email at the wrong domain.” The team also mentioned that a few people weren’t sure about the “gram” suffix on their name, but after the Instagram purchase yesterday, those naysayers have retracted their hesitance.

The change to LaunchGram reflects the company’s function: to deliver pre-release product news in an elegant, simple, and non-invasive way. Essentially, they send you weekly or monthly updates (you choose the frequency) about a product leading up to its launch. What kind of products? The team is focusing on video games, movies, gadgets, and cars for now, but Andy says they have big plans to expand in the future.

LaunchGram’s three founders have had the product in private alpha for about six weeks now, and are excited to push the public beta live today. Check out the product at launchgram.com, find them on Twitter @LaunchGram, or check out their AngelList profile at Angel.co/LaunchGram.

Mitchell Cuevas
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