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Never was the mantra “No Talk. All Action” more clear than in idea-to-product life cycle of LaunchRock.  In a mere 4 days the LaunchRock team, headed by Jameson Detweiler, moved rapidly from initial pitch on Friday to a working business with over 1,000 signups today.  By Tuesday it was picked up by TechCrunch! Not bad for a company that’s less than a week old.

The entire LaunchRock team worked tirelessly during Startup Weekend Philadelphia. They made good use of Detweiler’s past startup experience.  As quoted in TechCrunch, Detweiler explains, “I launched my last start up (greenkonnect.com) the wrong way, spent too much time building without know(ing) if the audience was there.” When GreenKonnect finally launched, Detweiler stuggled to engage with users.

LaunchRock proves that Detweiler and the team are wiser and much, much faster.  Using their own product, LaunchRock launched today.  It’s only fitting that a startup that builds viral launch pages for other startups is so nimble.

Read the full article in TechCrunch and check out LaunchRock’s super slick website.