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The Entrepreneur in All of Us

Graphic Designer Annie Erskine is passionate about design, “I love design because it is everywhere. So much goes into the design of things. Without cool logos and awesome layouts, without graphic design, the world would be a dull and uninteresting place,” Erskine says. She never thought much about entrepreneurship though. That changed when Blueprint Saints, a Lexington, KY-based magazine she designs for, invited Erskine to attend the local Startup Weekend where she took her first step into the world of entrepreneurship.

Designer to Entrepreneur

Erskine never imagined that her attendance at Startup Weekend would later land her a graphic design internship with Cartoon Network Digital. “When I was invited, I was under the impression that [Startup Weekend] was something for comic book artists so I eagerly attended, only to find it was not that at all,” Erskine says. “Before that weekend, I had never put much thought into the entrepreneurial aspect of my skill. After that weekend, I gave myself an official studio name, purchased a domain name online for it, made and purchased a business cards, and have gotten more business I have ever gotten. [Startup Weekend] made me think fast on my toes, and think in the mindset of a businesswoman,” she says.

Entrepreneurship That Lasts Beyond Startup Weekend

Erskine was surprised to discover the power of entrepreneurship and personal branding. Her new website soon landed her an ideal internship that involves her love of art and design. “Had I not gone to Startup Weekend, I would not have made the website design that was one of the deciding factors that helped me receive a Graphic Design internship with Cartoon Network Digital,” Erksine explains. “Will I be back at Startup Weekend next year? Absolutely! I go because it challenges me,” she says.