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Wow. What a weekend!

 Can you believe two weeks have passed already?

All of us on the organising team had an absolute blast with you guys at Startup Weekend. It’s crazy to think from humble beginnings back in 2012, we’ve now had 10 successful Startup Weekends in Sheffield!

We’ve had hundreds of attendees join us at multiple venues over the years, pitching hundreds more amazing, innovative and downright awesome ideas. We’ve witnessed teams rise to the top, going on to further success after the weekend – but we’ve also witnessed teams fail to validate and find viable revenue streams, and consequently fall apart.

It’s all part of life as a startup.

What’s really cool is what you all achieved over one short weekend.

We started on Friday with 42 enthusiastic participants, of which 40 were complete Startup Weekend newbies. As organisers this is wonderful to see. The reason we volunteer our time to organise these events is to inspire, educate and empower people like you to come and have a go at starting your own business’.

From here, 25 kick-ass ideas were pitched, before being whittled down by popular vote into 8 well-rounded teams.

 With the help of 1 inspiring speaker (Thanks Paul!) and 8 incredibly supportive and experienced coaches, every team managed to validate and produce MVPs to present to our judges.

Ultimately, come Sunday evening, every single team pitched brilliantly to a panel of judges known to be tough-cookies (especially with the last minute appearance of Scott Woodley from Tutora). You weathered their questions and inquisitions before 3 teams were finally crowned winners of the 10th Startup Weekend Sheffield, plus one most excellent crowd-favourite.

Of course, we then all went to celebrate with far too much food and plenty of refreshing cocktails – it’s what everyone looks forward to about the weekend, right? 😉

It’s important to know that whether you win at Startup Weekend or not, if you’re passionate about pursuing your ideas and can validate a need for your product/service within your target audience, you should absolutely go for it.

We want to be inviting you guys as mentors and judges at our 20th event, so get cracking!

To cap it off: We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Startup Weekend AH-MAY-ZING!

Stay in touch, let us know what you’re up to and just ask if you need any support. See you next time, maybe?

Chris, Chrissie, Eva, Giorgio, Harriet & James

P.S. – If you’re interested in Ted’s loose-leaf tea he was peddling all weekend, you can check out his startup DiversiTea here!

Giorgio Cassella