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After over a hundred cities in over 25 countries for 3 years, Startup Weekend finally arrives at Malaysia for its own event.

Startup Weekend Malaysia will be the signature activity during Global Entrepreneurship Week Malaysia. The event will be called “Ignite Your Startup!” and is supported by the US Embassy in Malaysia and Global Entrepreneurship Sdn Bhd.

While the usual Startup Weekend event spreads out for 3 days, Ignite Your Startup! will also include several one-day Startup Day workshops, which will pack together the main elements of the Startup Weekend program in a “hands-on, action-packed day.” A Networking Evening will precede the Startup Day, presumably to get everyone comfortable with each other before they get their hands dirty for the Startup Day. The Networking Evening and Startup Day, respectively, will be on October 18 and 19 at Penang, October 26 and 27 at Kota Bharu, and on October 28 at Johor Bharu.

The Startup Weekend per se will be held at Kuala Lumpur on October 22 to 24, hosted by Plug and Play Technology Garden. But it doesn’t mean only the Kuala Lumpur community will be allowed to join; if you’re planning to visit the Malaysian capital, why not overlap it with the Startup Weekend event?

Registration is yet to officially open for the non-KL venues, so hang tight and get updated for news on when registration starts. Who knows, you might get an early bird discount if sign up early enough.

Via: entrepreneurs.my