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スタートアップウィークエンドがまだ新しい方々のため少しだけ説明を付けますと、これはアイデアを起業させる54時間のイベントです。起業家にひらめきを与え勉強になるこのイベントは今や世界的なムーブメントと言えます。我らのミッションは“No Talk, All Action”というキャッチコピーをもとにより良いスタートアップコミュニティを作ることです。
For folks new to Startup Weekend, this is 54 hour event for taking an a project from idea to launch. It’s now a global movement that inspires and educates entrepreneurs. Our mission is to build a healthier startup community around the word. “No Talk, All Action”

Startup Weekend has been hosted in Tokyo since 2009 and in the Summer of 2011, with the help of some wonderful people, we launched our Kyoto and Fukuoka chapter. To celebrate the launch of the new cities and to create a little friendly rivalry, we held a special competition “Startup Weekend Matsuri Taikai”. Following the great success of the Global Startup Battle held last year during the Global Entrepreneur Week, the winner of each cities create a 90 commercial the best idea of the competing cities will be selected as a winner.

For the 1st week of September, you the reader can vote for the best idea for the Matsuri Taikai. The winner will take away with them 1 million Japanese yen, ~ $10,000 that we hope will help seed the early stages of their new startup.

Without further ado, the winners of each city:

Kyoto – Kasa Sute

Tokyo – Cooking DJ

Fukuoka – OOOI

因にStartup Weekend Tokyoのページにもいいね!ボタン押してください!

We had a small problem with the last voting app that we used so we this time we will be using a voting app on Facebook for the Startup Weekend Matsuri Taikai.
You will need a Facebook ID in order to make a vote. We hope this will go smoothly, but if if you have any problems, let us know.
BTW click “like” button on Startup Weekend Tokyo fan page also, please!

Vote URL: http://apps.facebook.com/my-polls/startup-weekend-matsuri-taikai