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The Startup Weekend Mobile at the Bay Area is ongoing today, from yesterday until tomorrow on Sunday. Good for you if you’ve made it there. If you haven’t, don’t worry, because there’ll be more SW events to come. Meanwhile, dig into a few pointers to keep in mind during the next event so you can take advantage of the whole 54 hour crash course.

Tip # 1: Networking is key. Startup Weekend is the perfect occasion to get to know new people who share your passion for starting up their own firms. Most importantly, snag the best developers as fast as possible. You want to have a good backbone for your product up front.

Tip # 2: Manage your time. 54 hours may be too short a time to build on a single idea and pitch it as a complete package at the end of the event. Get to the proof of concept quickly so you have something to present as soon as possible. Expect that the first 10 hours will be thrown away and pad your time estimates to avoid disappointments later.

Tip # 3: Bring reinforcements. Don’t rely on the venue and other people to lend you their equipment. Bring your own artillery if you have to: your laptop with all the necessary software installed, your own internet, a pen, a notebook or lots of paper, and of course, your idea. Use free online tools like WordPress, Twitter and Google Apps to get the show running as quickly as possible. And don’t forget to get users in so that you can test your service and smooth out any kinks before your presentation.

There tips  are just for starters. For a more complete set of tips and tricks, check out Twilio’s blog for details.