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This has been a monumental, exciting week for the entire Startup Weekend community and entrepreneurs worldwide.  With the Startup America Partnership, Startup Weekend has formed UP Global, a new organization dedicated to providing resources for entrepreneurs and building strong, connected communities.

Introducing UP Global: A New Organization for Entrepreneurs & Their Communities

As you have probably heard, we officially launched UP Global yesterday with Startup America.  Since then, we’ve already begun an exciting dialogue with the entrepreneurial community about how UP Global can support communities and entrepreneurs most effectively. You can watch Marc Nager discuss entrepreneurship and UP Global on Bloomberg TV here, and see Steve Case’s announcement of UP Global on Fox Business here. Also, be sure to find UP Global on Twitter and Facebook for updates and more information!


Mital Patel, Startup Weekend Organizer:

For the past 4 years, I have considered myself extraordinarily fortunate to have been involved as an organizer/facilitator of Triangle Startup Weekend and regional champion with Startup America, helping to launch Startup NC.

The partnership to form UP Global will take the view that the existing programs (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, NEXT, Corporate Connections) are all core programs that have been validated and tested in local communities, but there are others that can be tested and grow with the same action-based learning approach. The key is that they have to start from the ground up, in local communities.

Personally, I’d love for the Triangle to utilize its unique ecosystem and play a leadership role in the inception and development of these new programs. We’re the perfect test bed for new entrepreneurial programs.

Brad Feld, Startup Weekend board member:

UP Global is a logical next step in the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world. I’m a huge believer in consolidating efforts in the non-profit between complementary organizations. This one was a natural and logical one and I’m excited about what’s coming up.


Additional updates this week:

SparkRelief Responds in Oklahoma’s Time of Need

SW Colorado alumni Sparkrelief is currently aggregating information and resources to alleviate those affected by the Oklahoma tornados that struck early this week. For those local to the disaster, you can search ways to contribute such as volunteering or donating food and supplies via Sparkrelief.

An article released on PandoDaily yesterday covers what Sparkrelief is doing to help Oklahoma:

“More than 1,000 people in Oklahoma have used the site to find information, “and a number are posting as well,” he [Eli Hayes] says. The Red Cross and local church shelters are included in the mix and integrated into the site. 

Check out the full blog post here for more info and ways that you can help.

Marc Nager on Geek Wire Radio

Just a few days before launching UP Global, Marc Nager spent some time on Geek Wire radio.  Marc discusses global entrepreneurship, the simple but effective power of “showing up” as an early stage, aspiring entrepreneur — and much more. Check out the full interview here.

Babelverse makes ’20 Hot London Startups You Need To Watch’ list 

Congratulations to Babelverse, a Startup Weekend alumni that continues to find success! They were most recently included on a Mashable list titled, “20 Hot London Startups You Need to Watch.”

The article explains, “In a global community, some situations require multiple language options. With Babelverse, conference planners, video broadcasters and other businesses can provide translations via real people. Translators receive the majority of the fee Babelverse charges its customers. Whether it’s archived audio or an upcoming event, you can get the translations in multiple languages.” 

You can learn more about Babelverse on their website.



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