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Name: Brittani Alston

Age: 23

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Chicago Startup Weekend Role: Project Manager/Technical Lead

Creative Industry Focus: Performing Arts, Live Entertainment

Tell me a bit about yourself: My lifetime goal has always been to become a super entrepreneur; an innovative leader who impacts the community positively. Upon graduation from Columbia College Chicago, I hope to officially launch my leadership training program for collegiate women in Milwaukee, WI.

Have you attended a Startup Weekend before? I have attended a Startup Weekend; Startup Weekend Bloomington 2016

If so, what did you enjoy about your Startup Weekend experience? I enjoyed the late work hours filled with adrenaline and exhaustion! There’s nothing like developing a complex idea under pressure in a short period of time!

What can individuals expect at Startup Weekend Chicago? Participants at Startup Weekend Chicago can expect a unique experience from the diversity of ideas and perspectives that will be brought to the room. Chicago is a gold mine for entrepreneurship!

Why should people attend Startup Weekend Chicago – Creative Enterprise Edition? People should attend the weekend to learn about their strengths, network with others, and push their entrepreneurial limits.

What advice do you have for someone that wants to make their creative business idea/dream a reality? Strive to take action opposed to simply being “in motion”. There’s a difference between planning and execution. Startup Weekend can be an easy first step!

Purchase tickets here: http://www.up.co/communities/…/chicago/startup-weekend/10099

Caroline Ruark